Jessica Dawn Barnett

Jessica Dawn Barnett was born February 13, 1973, at St. Claire Medical Center in Morehead and passed away September 21, 2017, in Savannah, Georgia. 

Jessica’s primary education was received mainly in Kentucky with a few years in El Paso, Texas. She received her Bachelors of Art at Morehead State University and was in the process of completing her Masters of Fine Art at the Academy of Art University at the time of her illness. Jessica was an accomplished documentary photographer, crafter and fine artist whose works were often exhibited. Her photographs were published in Inscape, Morehead State University’s student journal.

Jessica's sister Amanda and her mother Hettie attended several Fiber Guild meetings.

She was an animal lover and dedicated herself to bulldog rescues, taking in and caring for three rescued dogs. Jessica also did a lot of volunteer work. She was a reenactor at Wormsloe State Historic Site as well as a member and volunteer of the Coastal Cleanup where she assisted cleaning up many islands along the Georgia and South Carolina coastline. She also volunteered with Fort Pulaski’s Earth Day. She assisted with the American Cancer Society, holding cancer blockades. Jessica helped create, paint and install a mural for the Commission for Children with special health care needs in Morehead. As a teen and adult, Jessica grew her hair for Locks of Love.

Mary Kelly

We have lost one of our very special friends: fellow fiber artist Mary B Kelly passed away Wednesday 3/16/16 in her home in Hilton Head, SC.

Mary was my hero. She has inspired and guided me since she as my painting teacher at Tompkins Cortland Community College

In central New York in the mid80s. Mary's patient, intelligent grace made me reach and grow. I was so delighted when she walked into my very first meeting with Fiber Guild of the Savannahs at Armstrong 7 years ago. I knew her instantly with her halo of white hair and brilliant smile. What a joy it was to renew our friendship after so many years!

Mary was spinning and weaving up until just a few months ago, finishing several of her trademark beautifully textured handspun handwoven alpaca shawl/blankets in reds, violets, oranges and turquoise to give as gifts to her family. Mary's art-filled life was a gift to all of us. Mary traveled around the world sharing her passion for the Goddess Figure which appears across cultures in traditional needlework. Read more about Mary's work.

Our guild was so fortunate to have Mary as an active member sharing her passion for the fiber arts with her effervescent smile. We benefited from many presentations Mary gave of her world-wide adventures and affiliation with WARP (Weaving a Real Peace) and Mayan Hands, a free trade organization with handwoven goods from Central America.  

Mary left her bold and beautiful mark, not only on our guild, but on the lives of people she met all over the world. She was a treasure!

Edna Mae Scott

Many of us may not have know her since she had not attended in a number of years, but she and her husband loved the guild and it meant a great deal to them and their lives over the years. Edna Mae of Guyton, GA was born on June 15, 1925 passed away quietly April 25, 2015 at her residence. Mrs. Scott was a homemaker, gardener, fiber lover, and mother. She enjoyed the flowers more than the gardening, sewing, cross-stitch, basketry and weaving. She was a native of Emanuel County and lived in Guyton, GA for over 50 years. She was predeceased by her husband George G. Scott who was also remembered fondly by the members of the guild as a weaver and wood worker. He single handedly built two looms for himself and his wife Edna. Minnie Lee Bell, one of Edna’s daughters, contacted me about giving a loom to the guild as part of her parent’s

Harris Kandel Lentini

Our dear friend Harris passed away September 18, 2013. You will be sorely missed, Harris. You were an inspiration to us all! You can view Harris' obituary here.